In addition to our Aerosol Fire Suppression Systems and other fire protection systems we offer a range of additional services. Our professional team provides full-service solutions to all industries. 

Consulting and Support

Our high quality and easy-to-understand expert services covers both small and larger technical environment fire risk surveys, fire technical consulting related to aerosol and gas extinguishing systems, project planning as well as project management services. Our customers fire safety related challenges are often very unique, which is why the systems and fire security services are always built to fit as most suitable solution for each customer. We want to find a truly the smartest way to improve our customers fire safety. Our goal is to make the applicable fire extinguishing systems, as well as fire protection solutions easily approachable and understandable to facilitate decision-making. We also provide our clients a complete customer service and technical support, as well as the necessary assistance and advices always in plain language.

System Designing

Our system design usually begins with the mapping of customer’s fire protection needs including examination to the drawings, target of protection, regulations and other potential issues, which may require special attention, from which basis we design the most suitable and precise fire protection system configuration for desired application. In many occasions it’s not appropriate to protect absolutely everything, but may derive from the system, which is designed to protect the strictly limited areas or specific fire risk items. Design calculations of extinguishing agent, component selections and technology choices together with the customer’s wishes, as well as technical and aesthetical requirements, the final solution takes shape. The most important criteria’s are high quality design, which takes into account all the variables and perfect suitability for the application.

Installation and Commissioning

All our system and project deliveries includes the equipment installations as a turnkey service or according to client’s wishes. Installation work and commissioning is carried out by our own installation personnel or by trained and authorized service providers across the country. We want to pay attention to the safety, durability and quality of the installation but also the aesthetics and cleanliness. When a fire protection system has been installed, the work will be acceptance inspected, the functionality of equipment is tested and verified and the system is documented according to requirements and regulations. The final documentation will be delivered to the customer and the necessary stakeholders and customers and prospective employees are given a proper guidance and training for the use of the system. If the neutral party acceptance is required, we can also take of this effortlessly.

Service and Maintenance

Our maintenance and service contracts offers tailored solutions to find a suitable and individually care-keeping service package for each customer that provides fire extinguishing system owners as well as their users an assurance that the fire security is in top notch condition and that the fire protection systems are in full functioning order at all times and will operate as designed. The content of our maintenance and care-keeping services can be agreed in basis with one-time, periodic or indefinite duration until further notice contract. We take care with our authorized partners that all these services are easily and quickly available to you. Regular fire safety surveys in protected facilities, inspections and equipment maintenance work will ensure the fire extinguishing systems are up-to-date and reliable as well as keep the required security level high.

Research and Development

Our main and continuous research areas are different client environments, hardware and legislative development of fire safety industry, as well as various fire protection and system technologies and their optimizing for a different applications. Our customer oriented, practical and rapid product development directly with the client enables to develop the most appropriate and industry-leading solution for their needs, which does not need to go search from elsewhere. Our product development is based on knowledge and innovation sharing across sectorial boundaries and we believe is the best when it is done in close interaction with the customer and possible project stakeholders. Our goal is to provide for our customers an economically and technically the best possible fire protection solutions, as well as providing the industry’s best customer experience.

Fire Simulation and Testing

Our fire simulation and testing services are generally based on the customer’s specific individual needs and exceptional circumstances prevailing in planned protection environment. Our services covers where appropriate a research work of suitability of extinguishing agent as well as investigations of material research related in specialty chemicals and reactive substances fire suppression. From the base of the collected data and examinations a software-based modelling and design calculations will be carried out and if necessary, proceed to practical fire simulation in desired scale. To obtain correct information the simulation model shall be sufficiently accurate, which takes account all the relevant factors. If necessary, we will use trusted subcontractors and neutral testing services providers and accredited testing laboratories for assistance and neutral reporting of the achieved results.