Salgromatic systems will not lose their functionality under any circumstances…ever.

PROBLEM – Fires and their consequences

Fire is always dangerous regardless the type or location and smoke as well as fire-fighting causes always damage. Sometimes fire damage may be small where only a single device is destroyed, but in a worst case, the fire can cost lives and destroy the entire company’s business. Destruction of equipment and property, interruption of production, services and operations as well as data loss are the most expensive accidents for companies and they can be fatal for the business. The fire may also have a detrimental effect on the company’s public image, reputation and operational reliability.

Businesswise it would be very important to remember and understand that the fire does not necessarily have to be big, but even a small fire in the strategically important place may suspend the operation of the whole company for a long period of time. Although, even the insurance covers the fire damage to property and equipment, any orders, projects or even the entire customer relationship lost to a competitor due to fire hazard will not be covered in any way.

SOLUTION – Salgromatic Aerosol fire suppression system

Modern Salgromatic Aerosol fire protection solutions are the easiest and the most contemporary way to prevent the hazards and damages described above and they enable the individual optimization of fire technical corporate security and business assurance, as well as fire-risk management effectively, effortlessly, at reasonable cost and precisely where they are located. With Salgromatic Aerosol fire suppression system the fire is extinguished within a seconds, which means less damage, lower repair costs, more time to rescue as well as shorter periods of downtime and operation interruptions, while securing your business image.

Our tested and certified Aerosol fire extinguishing solutions represent the lowest life cycle cost on the market and they are able to cater all customer groups regardless of the desired fire protection level or fire safety requirements. Salgromatic is a high-class and future proof fire security solution for demanding applications and with Salgromatic, almost all kinds of machines, facilities, equipment as well as production and service processes can be easily protected from fire.

COMPREHENSIVE BENEFITS – For You and Your business

    business continuity, reliability, company image, critical material and infra
    production and services, machinery, equipment, facilities, people and assets
    damages, allows extra time and facilitates rescue operations in case of emergency
    operation interruptions, down-time and repair costs in case of fire hazard
    safety technological lead, competitive advantage and operational reliability
    risk management and lowers the likelihood of business interruption losses
    in overall costs of fire safety while bringing added and extra value of security
    resources when knowing that the fatal fire risks for business are managed

PRODUCT RANGE – Simply effective or high security system just the way You want

Our offering extends from simple direct to source, local application and equipment protections to customizable total flooding system entities, as well as comprehensive room space and property
protection solutions. Our comprehensive range also includes various enclosure and open area protections in all sizes, portable automatic fire-extinguishing systems, as well as individual special fire-fighting solutions. As our customer you can select the suitable fire extinguishing solutions from our compact series systems all the way to a high-security modular fire protection system designed individually exactly for you or your client.

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