Salgromatic systems provide excellent fire protection for many different applications.

FIRE EXTINGUISHING SOLUTIONS – For every industry and business sector

All our extinguishing solutions can be easily adapted to suit the specific needs and requirements of the desired application, regardless of the operating environment. Our Salgromatic Aerosol fire-extinguishing systems range includes high quality, individual and future proof fire security solutions for all industries.

Production and Process Industries

Transportation and Shipping

Infrastructure and Civil Sectors

Material Handling Sectors

Port, Maritime and Offshore

Person and Service Sectors

Real Estate and Construction

Telecommunications and ICT

Army and Defense Industries

100% Modular Design – Versatility and Possibilities

Salgromatic systems can utilize of all known fire detection technologies and they can be equipped to work with intelligent smoke, heat and combination detectors, linear and laser heat sensing, mechanical sensors, as well as with special detectors such as aspirating smoke detection systems, line thermal detection, flame, spark and ATEX detectors, and any high-tech detection intended for special risk protection in demanding sites.

Salgromatic system entities only utilizes the condition stressed components from the industry leading manufacturers, tested and certified by recognized neutral organizations. The individual wishes of the customer are always taken into consider in all technology selections. Salgromatic range covers technical fire-fighting related and the highest reliability and functionality demands meeting fire detection and system technologies, which are compliant with the applicable directives, regulations and fire safety standards.

Salgromatic offers the simplest as well as the most extensive range of system entities and configurations, where you can find the right options for your fire safety needs in the exact scope you want. As its simplest, our extinguishing solution consists of a single automatic fire extinguisher or multiple units, which are controlled with the desired actuation technique. Salgromatic system entities are designed to adapt the user’s needs and desires, and all systems can be implemented with central control electronics when the system has virtually unlimited possibilities for management and it can be integrated to all monitoring, alarm and control systems as well as building and plant automation and management.

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