Company and Values

Salgrom Technologies is an innovative and practically operating Finnish company importing and developing fire suppression technology. We offer our customers an easily accessible and comprehensive range of advanced, automatic fire suppression systems and effortlessly adaptable, complete extinguishing equipment solutions for many different fire protection needs. Our customer base consists of almost all types of markets as we produce fire protection solutions for various industries, infrastructure operators, as well as for the public and private sector, both domestically and for international markets. We operate transparently and reliably and we want to work closely in valuable cooperation with our clients and partners.

All our customer relations are always based on absolutely open and confidential partnership. We believe that with a close and respectful as well as truly interactive co-operation with our customers, we can provide them the best possible solutions and real fire safety improvements. Customer satisfaction is very important to us in addition to responsible business, a high level of responsibility for the products and services we offer, as well as the environmental responsibility. Protecting the environment and working towards it is a natural part of all of our personnel’s work. Ethical principles and values strengthen our commitment to practices, which we also wish from our associates.

Product and System Brochures

Our wide range of fire systems extends from simple direct to source and local application protections to customizable total flooding system entities, as well as comprehensive room space and property protection solutions. As our client you can select the suitable fire extinguishing solutions from our compact and modular series systems all the way to a high-security fire protection systems designed to correspond exactly to your specific needs and requirements. Please find out more.

Activities and Mission

The starting point is that our clients receive the best possible products, support and service, which our real understanding and focus to our customer’s needs and dilemmas, our design expertise, top quality components, proven system solutions and industry know-how enables. We provide our clients fresh insights, ideas and views about how their fire safety related challenges could be solved in an appropriate, cost-effective and flexible way without compromising the safety. We provide environmentally friendly, high-class automatic fire extinguishing systems and fire safety solutions to protect the people and property. We also offer high quality expert services in various areas of fire safety as well as comprehensive support services for our systems and solutions throughout their life cycle.

Our mission is to secure our customer’s businesses and help them achieve the highest possible level of fire safety with reasonable costs. Depending on our customers industry, our solutions can also bring them or their products and services more value, reliability and competitive advantage. We combine our expertise and knowledge from different fields to simple and workable solutions, which will significantly improve the personal safety and help prevent property and environmental damage. In addition to this, we also protect the basic operations of community by securing of its critical systems and items. Fire safety is for everyone and we believe it doesn’t have to be complicated or ruled out because of high costs.

Our personnel are highly dedicated, self-improving and we are looking for new solutions and improvements continuously. We have extensive practical experience and wide expertise from various conditions and applications in fire safety. Our major strengths lie in rapid, smooth and controlled development process, technology base as well as creativity. We also practise intensive research and development work closely with our technology providers, component suppliers and research/testing institutes as well as with the authorities. Therefore we dare to claim that we are able to provide our customers the most appropriate, competitive and reliable automatic fire extinguishing equipment or a system entity for almost every need, application and operating environment. We carry out determined and rapid decisions and complete the assignments and cases as agreed and with high quality level.

Goal and Vision

For us, the listening of our customers and understanding their needs is the base for long-term and sustainable cooperation. We are proud of our expertise and experience and we have a great desire to find solutions for our customers’ demanding challenges. Our goal is to strengthen our position as a comprehensive supplier of automatic fire extinguishing technology and provide more expanding range of proven and easily adaptable automatic fire-extinguishing equipment solutions for our customers most diverse fire safety needs.

Our goal is to be the most desirable and trusted supplier of our industry in fire-extinguishing systems for small and medium-sized technical environments, as well as in integrated and tailored fire protection solutions. Our passionate and serious attitude towards concrete improvement of technical fire safety, as well as our strong commitment in developing easily accessible and high-class fire protection solutions in conjunction with a real customer focus are helping us in our vision to be of all our customer’s most highly valued business partner.